Stamp and Craft Room Design and Makeover inspired by Joanna Gaines

Stamp and Craft Room Design and Makeover inspired by Joanna Gaines

Today, instead of our typical Friday Flip, we are FLIPPING my stamp and craft room!

I LOVE Joanna Gaines style from HGTV’s Fixer Upper!  I love the clean lines, the industrial/rustic look, and we could not wait to use this style in my new stamp and craft room.

Check it out here:


Thanks so much for watching this week’s Friday Flip – Stamp and Craft Room Design and Makeover inspired by Joanna Gaines video!

How to Make A Card Using A Sketch – Take Three

How to Make A Card Using A Sketch – Take Three

On Monday I showed you how to make a card using a sketch and yesterday a second version of that sketch.  Today I wanted to show you one more version of this sketch making an entirely different card still using the same elements and giving them each an individual twist.  You’ve seen the sketch twice already so let’s just get to this easy and cute hand stamped card!

How to make a card using a sketch take three

You can see how I kept to the sketch’s original orientation and left the tag right side up.  Because I used only two colors on this card, I layered the tag to add a lot of visual pop with no additional color or texture and added a bow using that luscious seam binding with sheen to echo the gloss from the pearls.  Instead of a rectangular element on the tag, I added a greeting that says it all in one and used a stamp to add the background interest instead of a strip of paper.  You can see here that even though I changed up a lot of what each element IS, I’ve kept the overall design true to the sketch.

Here are the products I used for this project:


I hope this mini-series has helped you to understand how to take a sketch that you see and break out the various elements.  One of the most gratifying things about rubber stamping and paper crafting is that you can do whatever you want with the inspiration that you see and make anything your own.  Helping people learn this is one of the reasons I started Stamping Family and I just love seeing all the projects and ideas people have been able to get from the three different Weekly Inspirations we post, a Sketch Inspiration being one of them.  If you are ready to stretch your creativity or just want to see how other people are inspired by what they see, I invite you to check it out.  Even I, the person who started Stamping Family, am constantly inspired by what I see from the fun people who are members!

Go ahead – the weekend is just a couple of days away – find something you like and practice how to make a card using a sketch!

How to Make a Card Using A Sketch – Take Two

How to Make a Card Using A Sketch – Take Two

On Monday I shared with you how I make a card using a sketch as inspiration.  Today I am excited to show you the second project I made using the same sketch.

Here’s the sketch again:

How to make a card from a sketch

And here’s the second card I made:

How to make a card using a sketch take two

So you can see that I flipped the card from vertical to horizontal but kept the same basic layout.  I liked the tag upside down again and added a cute bow made with the 10 Second Bow Maker at the bottom of the balloon string.  The balloon takes the place of the plain rectangle and I just added a little texture in the upper right hand corner to echo the circle shape of the balloon.  The punch of yellow and black with the pure white makes all the elements stand out while still coordinating perfectly.

Here are the products I used to make this card:




If you have been looking for sketches that you can use to make hand stamped greeting cards and want card sketches that were specifically designed for this, you have to check out Definitely Sketches 2.0!  I have talked about Definitely Sketches 2.0 before and people are just raving about it!  With this program, delivered right into your inbox, you get essentially the same thing you’ve seen this week.  You get one sketch and three gorgeous samples that can help you find your own inspiration whenever you want!

I hope this is helping you see how YOU can make a card using a sketch by just tweaking the elements and adding your own style – try it out and see what happens!


Mini Treat Bag Thinlits On Sale! Weekly Deals from Stampin’ Up!

Mini Treat Bag Thinlits On Sale!  Weekly Deals from Stampin’ Up!

One of my favorite items in the Stampin’ Up! catalog is on sale for 25% off!  The Mini Treat Bag Thinlits is one of my favorite collections because there is so much variety.

Click here to see one of my previous posts using this thinlit set.

To grab any of these deals before the quantity allotted has sold out, simply click a pic below:

How to make a card using a sketch

How to make a card using a sketch

Something I get asked all the time is how to make a card using a sketch.  I thought it would be really fun to show you all how I used a sketch to make three different cards so you can see how easy it can be when you look at the components of the sketch as different elements.

Here’s the sketch I am going to use in this week’s series of cute and easy projects:


How to make a card from a sketch

And here is the first card I made using that sketch as inspiration:


First card using a sketch as inspiration
I kept this project pretty close to the sketch because I wanted to show how using the different elements in the sketch could translate to elements on the project.  For instance, I kept the project vertical and placed the tag vertically as well, just flipped it upside down.

I used a decorative tag punch to create a little flourish on the tag to enhance that “straight lines love curves” design feature.  I used a stamped element with the flowers popped up, embossed the Pool Party panel and used a chunky knot of Calypso Coral Seam Binding on the tag tie all to add dimension.

And adding the White Perfect Accents on the strip of Wild Wasabi card stock kept it engaged with the rest of the elements so it didn’t just fade into the background.  You can see how flipping the tag and swapping out the rectangle for a stamped image, plus a little bit of design love with the dimension and shine from the knot and the White Perfect Accents pulled it all together!

See below for the list of items I used to create this project; did you know you can order any of them by just clicking on the pic?

If you love the idea of using sketches to inspire you to create projects then you absolutely need to check out Stamping Family!  We share three inspirations a week – one color inspiration, one “Mystery Basket” inspiration and, of course, a sketch inspiration.  I gotta tell you, seeing what the members create is one of my favorite parts of this site – there is some crazy talent among our Family members!

And with the addition of members to our Stamping Family Design Team we are getting more and more inspirations from each other from these sketches so there’s a never ending source of ideas and fun in sharing!  You can learn more about Stamping Family right here - the only thing missing is you!

Here are the things I used to make today’s card:




Check back this week to see two other projects I have made and will share using the above sketch as inspiration.  Now that you know how to make a card using a sketch, give it a try!